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never-give-up attitude and following passion spite of rejections.
“Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all” – That’s what proved by Brian Acton, the Co-founder of WhatsApp, a smartphone app
that allows user to send & receive free SMS  and MMS, without ads. It’s a phenomenal story of perseverance, never-give-up attitude
and following passion in spite of rejections.
The big news in the Tech World as well as in the Business World is that the Social Media giant Facebook buy WhatsApp for a stunning
$19 Billion in cash and stock. While many found this as the greatest deal in social media and mobile application history, this story is
more than a business deal, this is
an epic inspirational story of Brian Acton. Brian Acton, back in 2009 was rejected by social networking social media giants Twitter
and Facebook for job. Yes, four years ago he was rejected by the same company who brought his baby WhatsApp for $19 Billion. It’s certain to become a legendary story of hard-luck, persistence and vindication among job hunters.
In the middle of 2009, Brian Acton was the software engineer that no one wanted to hire. Despite years of experience at Yahoo and Apple Computer, he got turned down by two of the Internet’s brightest stars at the time.
First Twitter said no in May. Then Facebook rejected him in August.
After these rejections, he chooses the start-up route. He teamed up with another Yahoo alum, Jan Koum, to build WhatsApp, that has
become the king of cloud-based. Facebook has agreed to buy the
company for a stunning $16 billion in Stock and cash, along with as much as $3 billion in restricted stock units for the founders. With at
least a 20% stake in the company, Acton is headed toward a $3 billion net worth once the transaction closes. He will be a Billionaire as
the transaction closes. Being rejected for jobs four years ago to becoming Billionaire, isn’t
that inspirational to you? That comeback isn’t just good news
for him, it’s an epic inspirational story for everyone
getting rejected at interviews and at work some day or other. It’s a phenomenal story of perseverance, never give up attitude and following the passion in spite of rejections. What’s my take from this Inspirational Story of Brian Acton and probably yours too?
If you are getting rejected from a world-class organization or unknown institution, if you are
failing in business or studies, your
present failure is just temporary, never give up on your dreams because of present failure and
rejection. In spite of all failure and rejections, if you persevere, if you live life with a never give up attitude and follow your path, then success is what always earn for you.
Your future fortune can’t be defined by the way you start today. These founders started with low profile until their work speak for them and fortune itself find its way to get
them. If you are failing today if you are getting rejected today but if you keep following your dreams, certainly one day you
shine high with the success. And when that happened you not only earn success for yourself but you can inspire a generation…
More than anything, at the face of adversity and rejections, taking life as an adventure is what you all need.
Read his Facebook rejection tweet back in 2009 “Facebook turned me down, It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people.
Looking forward to life’s next adventure. Got denied by Twitter HQ that’s ok, it would have been a long commute”
It took a while, but eventually his optimism paid off. I found this story highly inspirational as so many people are facing rejections at work,
interviews and on the path of their dreams every day, but what the greatest gift of Universe is understanding that rejection and
failures are just temporary, what permanent is our optimism, our indomitable spirit and a never give up attitude. If we move with these
gifts of the universe certainly we will write our own story of success and inspire million across, just like Brian Acton.



Apples turn brown because of a chemical
reaction called “oxidation” , which is caused by
oxygen from the air. Oxygen is one of the
most reactive substances known. Apples are rich in iron,
which is present in all their cells. Oxygen from the air reacts with the iron in the
cells, forming iron oxides, This is just
like the rust that forms on the surface of iron
objects. An enzyme called polyphenol oxidase
(that’s present in these cells) increase the rate of chemical reaction, that is, helps make this
reaction go faster. The oxidized layer (brown color) formed is just to provides some protection against foreign
bodies that may affect the exposed apple cells.
There’s no harm in eating an apple that has
turned brown, for the iron oxide will not affect you. Meanwhile, if you are to prepare apple juice. The iron oxide
gives it the special golden-brown colour, and
it’s a tastier way to consume an apple!