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Arsenal star considers shock retirement

If finally decides to retire, arsenal fans will miss such a talented midfielder.

Red London (OLD VERSION)

Abou Diaby is set for some decision this summer.

The Frenchman is recovering from a knee injury he suffered almost a year ago, but Diaby is now considering the possibility of quitting the game according to reports from France.

Arsenal’s lanky midfielder made a bright start to last season, winning praises in the 2-0 win at Anfield in September 2012, but he soon went down with another injury problem and on his return to action in March last year, Diaby was forced to return to the sidelines again.

Indeed, that appearance against Swansea remains the former Auxerre man’s last show in Arsenal colours to date and if rumours on French radio are anything to go, Diaby’s final days may come sooner.

The Frenchman, who has suffered a staggering 35 different injuries during his time at Arsenal, is expected to decide on whether he can continue to manage the demands of…

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Arsenal Mock Spurs With Walcott 2-0 Gesture T-Shirt

Talking Baws

The bragging rights tend to fall in to Arsenal’s hands more often than not in their North London rivalry with Tottenham. And their latest stunt awards them the last laugh yet again.

The Gunners’ and England forward Theo Walcott’s “2-0” gesture to the Spurs fans, as he was being stretchered from the field, has become somewhat of a cult. So much so that the official Arsenal merchandise stores are selling it as a t-shirt.

By Connor Boylan – @connor_boylan

Spurs fans – in typical North London derby fashion – subjected the winger to a torrent of abuse when the side’s met in the Premier League last month. But one thing that could certainly shut them up Walcott’s scoreboard reminder as he held up two fingers and a fist to the away crowd. Much to the annoyance of those travelling supporters.


The score remains, Walcott 2 Spurs 0.

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